The Story

Founded in 2018 by Hazlee Suip, Rooma (formerly known as Dwe11) specialises in rattan and wood furnishings in various finishes, textures and forms. Every furniture piece is made by hand and designed in-house by the team, and then handcrafted by skilled craftsmen in Indonesia. Rooma is also known for its unique ability to customise furniture based on personal needs - integrating style and practicality seamlessly.


With over 20 years of experience particularly in the European furniture industry alongside yearly travels to Italy to visit furniture fairs and factories, Rooma is founded with the passion to provide furniture and statement home decor pieces in Singapore while at the same time maintain affordability. What started off as a simple ambition evolved into providing customers a chance to design their very own bespoke furniture with individual and tailored service.


As we strive to create timeless furniture pieces, our materials will also have to withstand the test of time. We always ensure the highest quality of materials ethically sourced from Indonesia, combined with skilled craftsmanship to create furniture of remarkable quality.

Giving Back

Every month, Rooma aims to give back to the community by donating food and clothes to the underprivileged in different parts of Indonesia. Rooma targets to rebuild 6 to 12 homes every year - if this is something you may be interested in, we'd love to hear from you.

Project Lead & Creative Guru


Exposed to designer furniture at his first holiday job at the age of 11, Haziq has been pioneering the team from a group of 3 to what it is today. His second home quite literally (as rumah stands for ‘home’ in malay), he manages large scale projects, collaborations, media coverages & operations.

Numbers & Manager of Everything


When it comes to anything involving numbers, Firah is the go-to person. With her being there since the beginning in 2019, she naturally gravitates to managing the store like her very own. Often times you'll catch her on the move (if you get to catch her), constantly occupied assisting in daily operations.

Sales Genius


If you see a fashionably dressed lad in store, then it's gotta be Hazrul. He takes care of business objectives and monitors goals. Our warm sales representatives is a reflection of his coaching style and how we hope Rooma to be - accommodating, friendly and approachable.

Inventory Ninjas

Ain & Reny

Ain and Reny are the powerful duo behind the meticulous inventory management - managing what goes in and out, with new container shipments from Indonesia almost every week. You'll find them behind the counter, liaising with suppliers and overseeing stocks, ensuring that systems run fluently.

Customer Happiness Specialist


At Rooma, we hope to create a personal and memorable customer buying experience and we can’t do that without Azhar. We believe that customer satisfaction doesn't simply stop at providing high quality furniture pieces, but we want our service to also evoke a sense of complete trust and contentment.

Logistics Master


Behind every successful delivery, there's Asra, always ensuring that furniture pieces get sent on time and in one piece. Ever since joining Rooma, his love for woodworking grew with a new found love and appreciation for different types of wood and rattan.

Visual Artist


If you step into our showroom(s) you'll instantly want to lounge in, thanks to Hazlan's special touch. Hazlan's a natural when it comes to dressing up the retail floors - he has the ability to make things look aesthetically pleasing you'll wish you could have his help to style your home.

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